After visiting a litany of public transport organisation websites—predominantly American ones—I noticed a common theme: unoriginality. Names were always some wacky spelling or combination of transit-related words. In fact, most that I came across were just named “Metro” with no regard for differentiating themselves from the crowd. Why not try and make your own using the generator?

If granted permission, it uses the IPInfo API to fetch your current location and use it in generated names. It also performs Wikipedia searches to see if the randomised name is actually a real company that already exists.


Perhaps my favourite example is METRO Transit, covering the “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota. Their logo is simply a beauty. The combined sans and serif is an interesting choice, and the colour scheme is tragically generic. It gets better though; METRO Transit is a brand of the… Metropolitan Council. If there was an award for “area with names more suited to a generic open-world video game,” it would certainly be awarded to this bunch.