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Find the source on GitHub. Content and code available under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license, except when noted in ATTRIBUTION.txt.

See the tech (and development tools) I use on the uses page.

No substantial part of this site has been generated using AI. Portions of AI-generated code are marked as such.

Current Jekyll Build Information

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The site makes use of minimal JavaScript, and makes no external requests on pages other than the 404 pages and the now page. On the 404 page, a request may be made to a Cloudflare Worker, which acts as a proxy for the site that contains projects hosted by GitHub Pages. This allows for automatic redirects to projects. On every page, the accent colours (CSS variables) are randomly set, and on the homepage, the greeting is updated to reflect the time of day.

On the now page, data is fetched from external APIs to show my current status.


Previous versions of the site—and many that have come before it—are available on-request. If you’re a curious friend of mine, you likely already have access to the graveyard.


I have collated a list of domains that I own, most of which are ancient and simply redirect to this site.